• What I Learned From Quitting My Job After 4 Months

    From mid-November 2019 to mid-March 2020, I was an engineer at Justworks. This was a considerably shorter tenure than my previous engineering role at Medidata, where I was for over 4 years. Leaving a new job so quickly after joining was not a decision I took lightly, but I know it was the right decision for my career. I also learned several things about myself in the process, and I do not consider these four months as wasted time.

  • Creating a 30/60/90-Day Engineering Onboarding Roadmap

    I will be starting a new job soon as a software engineer at Better, and I want to have a clear plan for how I want my onboarding to go. I’m going to use a 30/60/90 day plan for this, and its purpose is for me to set goals for what I want to achieve in my new position by the 30, 60, and 90 day marks.

  • Design Patterns: Observer Pattern

    In object-oriented programming, we have objects passing many different messages to each other. But we must also balance this with a desire to prevent our classes from being tightly coupled to each other and therefore having many interlocking dependencies that make it hard to maintain the code.

  • The Basics of Database Indexes for Relational Databases

    The purpose of creating an index on a particular table in your database is to make it faster to search through the table and find the row or rows that you want. The downside is that indexes make it slower to add rows or make updates to existing rows for that table. So adding indexes can increase read performance and decrease write performance. Indexes are also used to enforce uniqueness constraints, but I won’t go into that for this post.

  • AlterConf NYC 2017 + Social Rules for Healthy Communication

    This weekend I attended my first AlterConf, a one-day conference with the aim of helping to create a more inclusive tech industry. There were many great talks throughout the day as the speakers shared their inspiring stories and delved into thought-provoking topics, including: