I’m in the final phase of my time as a student at Fullstack Academy. The final 2–3 weeks of the program consists of coming up with an ambitious idea for a web app, gathering a team of fellow students to work on it with you, building it out, and then presenting it to potential employers.

The past few weeks, my team and I have been working hard on a collaborative writing platform that we call Educa.re. It was built using fullstack JavaScript, specifically Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and AngularJS. We also used Git extensively, leveraging it’s capabilities to act as a database.

We’ve created a short demo video, so I’ll let you watch that for more information about our site. And check out our GitHup repo, if you want.

Educa.re: [http://educa.re] Demo Video: [https://vimeo.com/129333742] GitHub: [https://github.com/jimmyfarrell/educa.re]