• Design Patterns: Strategy Pattern

    The strategy pattern is an alternative to the template method pattern I wrote about in my previous post, providing a different solution to the common programming problem of requiring some variation within an algorithm. Both patterns use polymorphism in their approaches, but while the template method pattern relies on inheritance, the strategy pattern relies on composition and delegation.

  • Design Patterns: Template Method Pattern

    A couple friends and I have a web development book club. The goal is to learn and grow together as software engineers. But really, sometimes it’s more like a support group, where we use a lot of 😞 and 😢 to discuss our respective screw-ups at work and the impossible vastness of information about web development and how we only know the smallest tiniest minusculest amount of it. We’re a fun group…

  • A Gentle Introduction to SQL and NoSQL Databases

    At some point during your career as a web developer, you will have to decide what type of database is best suited for your application. You might face this decision very soon, if you are planning on building your own application as a side project. And at the very least, you will probably be asked about databases in a job interview for a web developer role.

  • Make Code Reviews a Little Bit Better With Automation

    As a software developer on a team that includes other software developers, code reviews are an important part of the job. It is probably the one duty of my job that I can expect to do every single day. Why? What is the purpose of code reviews? Well, code reviews have several purposes. They:

  • How to Become a Web Developer

    About 2 years ago, I switched careers from marketing to web development. I won’t bore you with the whole story of why or how I did it. Find any other millennial that attended a coding bootcamp, and I’m sure my story is very similar.