• Lodash Methods FTW!

    I only recently realized the power of the Lodash library. Previously, I had only used the _.extend method (also called _.assign) which can be used as follows:

  • Getting Started With Django

    A couple weeks ago, I started learning Python. There are a few reasons I chose Python as the next language I wanted to learn after learning JavaScript. These were criteria:

  • Automating Assessments at Fullstack Using GitHub and Docker

    As a Teaching Fellow at Fullstack Academy, I am required to complete a thesis project of my choosing. Another fellow, Christian Cueto, and I decided to team up on our theses and streamline/automate the assessment process at Fullstack.

  • Educa.re: A Collaborative Writing Workspace Powered by Git

    I’m in the final phase of my time as a student at Fullstack Academy. The final 2–3 weeks of the program consists of coming up with an ambitious idea for a web app, gathering a team of fellow students to work on it with you, building it out, and then presenting it to potential employers.

  • The Deal With Closures

    Closures are functions that can refer to independent variables that existed when the function was created. Many coders says that these functions “remember” the environment and the variables in that environment when the functions were being defined.